Learning to Drive in the Snow

Twenty members of the Afghan Border Police are undergoing Driver Training, funded by EU-BOMNAF in and around Mazar-e-Sharif, which like many areas in Central Asia is currently experiencing significant falls of snow. As shown in the accompanying pictures the officers … Read More

Multimedia: IT Training in Nusai BCP

Nusai Border crossing point (Badakhshan, Afghanistan) 21 July 2015 Eight Afghan Border Police (ABP) Officers attended a basic IT course organized by BOMNAF International Training Specialist Mike Holman, Nargis Khidirova (Training Assistant) and Vadim Suleimanov (IT Assistant). All the participants … Read More

Border Bridges

Fascinated by bridges? Then look at this gallery showing the different Border Crossing Point bridges along the river Panj that connect Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Photos: Freya Morales / EU-BOMNAF 2015 © All rights reserved