EU-BOMNAF continues providing training to the Afghan Border Police officers to increase their skills in several crucial areas such as: Border management awareness, Training the trainer, Polaris ATV maintenance and operator training, Survival swimming, Computer/ICT, Survival search and rescue, Land navigation and map reading, First Aid, etc.

For experience sharing and cooperation purposes officers from the Tajik Border Force are also invited to take part in these trainings.

Learning to Drive in the Snow

Twenty members of the Afghan Border Police are undergoing Driver Training, funded by EU-BOMNAF in and around Mazar-e-Sharif, which like many areas in Central Asia is currently experiencing significant falls of snow. As shown in the accompanying pictures the officers … Read More

Multimedia: IT Training in Nusai BCP

Nusai Border crossing point (Badakhshan, Afghanistan) 21 July 2015 Eight Afghan Border Police (ABP) Officers attended a basic IT course organized by BOMNAF International Training Specialist Mike Holman, Nargis Khidirova (Training Assistant) and Vadim Suleimanov (IT Assistant). All the participants … Read More

Car Search Training

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During a practical search exercise aimed to teach methods to detect contraband concealed in vehicles, through the use of an endoscope. Mr Jonathan Trumble, Customs Advisor with OSCE in Vienna, was the instructor of this workshop, part of BOMNAF’s joint … Read More

First Aid Training

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As part of the first week of BOMNAF’s Afghan Border Police Management Awareness Course, expert Ms. Mohinisso Akramova presented a workshop in First Aid to BOMNAF’s Afghan Border Police beneficiaries on 24 August. EU-BOMNAFs Training team, organized a two week “Afghan … Read More

Disaster Management

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On August 28, as part of EU-BOMNAF’s Border Management Awareness Course, Mr. Philip Eliason delivered a workshop on how police and border forces might prepare for and respond to disasters. His interactive presentation encouraged delegates to identify ways that they … Read More

Conducted training as at 28 November 2014

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Capacity building Training and mentoring to improve capacity of border management agencies to perform their duties will be required for the foreseeable future. BOMNAF and other agencies continue to train Border Management personnel on the border. UNODC support activities In … Read More