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Afghan refugee women design EU-BOMNAF bags

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As Europe’s refugee crisis captures the world’s attention, the EU-BOMNAF team is contributing its grain of sand to improve the livelihood of Afghan refugees living in Dushanbe. Even if our main work is implemented on Afghanistan’s northern border and at … Read More

Arrival of new Polaris ATVs

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Dushanbe, June 2015 The 18 new Polaris ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) that arrived recently at our warehouse, will be used this summer in several Polaris trainings organised by EU-BOMNAF. Later this year, the vehicles will be delivered to selected the … Read More

Equipment provided as at 28 November 2014

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In addition to basic logistic, maintenance and support items, equipment procured by the EU-BOMNAF project is based on the priority areas of Transport, Communications, Detection and Personal equipment. This includes All Terrain Vehicles (Polaris ATV Quad Bikes), office and kitchen … Read More