Equipment provided as at 28 November 2014

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In addition to basic logistic, maintenance and support items, equipment procured by the EU-BOMNAF project is based on the priority areas of Transport, Communications, Detection and Personal equipment. This includes All Terrain Vehicles (Polaris ATV Quad Bikes), office and kitchen … Read More

IT Training

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Nusai, Afghanistan. July 20th, 2015. ICT and computer skills are in high demand in almost any sector. EU-BOMNAF recently sent their ICT Assistant, Vadim Suleimanov, to teach the Afghan Border Police based in Nusai, the most basic skills needed for … Read More

Conducted training as at 28 November 2014

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Capacity building Training and mentoring to improve capacity of border management agencies to perform their duties will be required for the foreseeable future. BOMNAF and other agencies continue to train Border Management personnel on the border. UNODC support activities In … Read More

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