Afghan Border Police Concludes Its 14th Training Cycle at BOMNAF Training Centre in Mazar-e-Sharif

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Ninety-five Afghan Border Police officers successfully completed training courses in Driving, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), First Aid and Map Navigation on 7 December 2017. This was the conclusion of the 14th training cycle, three of which were delivered at a new Training Centre built by UNDP’s EU-BOMNAF Project. The training, organized by the BOMNAF project was delivered by trainers from Afghan Border Police (ABP) Brigade 6. Amongst 95 graduates, 40 were from Brigade 7 ABP HQ, based in Kunduz and its Battalions from Badakhshan and Takhar provinces. The remaining 55 were from Brigade 6 Battalions, mostly from Faryab province, including six women.

ABP Officers in the new IT classroom.
ABP female instructor conducting a training course.

Khayrulnisso Rahimi, an enthusiastic sergeant of 52 was among those six women, who graduated the ICT course. Sergeant Rahimi said: “I attended all courses, which were offered by UNDP’s EU BOMNAF Project, including the ICT course. To refresh my knowledge, I insisted they enrol me in this course again. War and instability has left Afghan women illiterate and vulnerable in society. I did not receive an education when I was young, therefore I do not want to miss any opportunity to learn now. I always encourage my children and relatives that women must be educated because uneducated and unhealthy mothers raise uneducated and unhealthy children. Afghanistan needs strong, educated women!”

ABP Head of Training, Colonel Muhammadin Estanekzai stated: “Today each of you will receive certificates of completion. However, remember, it is not a piece of paper that really matters, but knowledge and experience you received here will help you to fulfil your daily duties better and faster, and in emergency situations, help to defend Afghanistan borders effectively. Please do share with your peers what you learnt here. We thank our friends from UNDP & EU-BOMNAF for the continuing support of Afghan Border Police Brigades 6 and 7”.

ABP female Officers during Map Navigation Training.
Afghan Officers learn about First Aid.

Since 2007, the UNDP’s EU Border Management Afghanistan (EU-BOMNAF) project has been part of the European Union’s regional capacity building and training programme of activities. The specific objective of the BOMNAF project is to support Cross-border Security and Cooperation, by improving Integrated Border Management in northern Afghanistan. This will contribute to supporting the Government of Afghanistan in fostering economic and political relations with Tajikistan and other countries in the region, through the promotion of economic development and stability.