Update on Construction of Border Crossing Point Khohon

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Despite November’s cold weather, fog and rains, UNDP Tajikistan’s EU-BOMNAF project continues with construction of a new Border Crossing Point (BCP) at Khohon, on the Southern side of the Afghanistan-Tajikistan international border, as planned on the bank of The Amu Darya (Panj) River. The new facilities are adjacent to Tajikistan’s BCP Shogun, in Shurobod district, of the Khatlon region. These two facilities will service and support the new bridge across the river that serves as a natural barrier for the state border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Location of BCP Khohon
Cross-Border Bridge at BCP Khohon
Tajik BCP Shogun (left) located next to Afghan BCP Khohon (right)

The construction site is next to an assembly of three small, clay-brick buildings, with flat wooden rooftops, which currently serve as the Afghan Border Police’s existing border patrol facilities. Poorly made and without electrical power supply, they do not meet the basic standards of an average border police working facility.

Afghan Border Police Officer greets BOMNAF staff
Existing Afghan Border Police facilities
Existing Afghan Border Police facilities

EU-BOMNAF project staff regularly monitor the progress in construction made by the Afghan contractor on the site. Mr Ruslan Saidibroimov, Engineer-Assistant visits the site regularly to ensure good quality of works.

Ground works (leveling) for foundation
Building a foundation for a perimeter stone wall
Moving heavy objects by crane
General view
Mr Ruslan Saidibroimov, Engineer-Assistant monitors construction works
Mr Ruslan Saidibroimov, Engineer-Assistant examines boundary wall
Facility foundations
Boundary wall
Boundary wall
Digging works for facility foundations
Steel bars of different diameter
Cutting of metal frame

Thanks to UNDP and the EU, BOMNAF’s construction will ensure that both borderlands’ communities have the opportunity benefit from cross-border trade, tourism and services. Infrastructure provided by these two new Border Crossing Points will allow people from both nations to legally cross and sell or exchange their goods and food across the state border. It will definitely make prices lower and scarce commodities much more available for people of this remote borderlands region. Moreover, it may also give opportunities for Afghan villagers to receive professional medical assistance and care provided from the Tajikistan side of the border, a possibility which Afghanistan currently lacks.

Status: 11.95 % Completed