Tajikistan hosts Russian military exercises

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1 November 2017. By Asia Plus.

Sub-units of the “light” motor-rifle brigade of Russia’s Central Military District have been deployed to Tajikistan for a military exercise, according to the Russian Central Military District press center. The battalion tactical group included motor-rifle, military intelligence, mortar, field engineer and medical units as well as logistics specialists. The servicemen have reportedly rehearsed coordination and interaction in combat missions in mountain and deserts. They, in particular, rehearsed in carrying out forced marches, combating mobile terrorist groups and taking vital facilities under guard. The exercise that lasted for a week reportedly involved more than 500 military personnel and 100 armored vehicles. The light motor-rifle brigade was reportedly formed in the Samar oblast a year ago.

Source: https://news.tj/en/news/tajikistan/security/20170904/tajikistan-hosts-russian-military-exercises