Press Release: EU-BOMNAF ‘Train The Trainers’ Course

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Fourteen Afghan Border Police (ABP) students from UNDP EU-BOMNAF’s latest Train the Trainers (T3) course have attended their prize-giving ceremony. Ten were brand new students, and four were experienced returnees from previous EU-BOMNAF training courses, who supported this course as Instructor Supervisors.

The ultimate aim of the T3 course is that students will learn the skills required to run their own Instructional Techniques Courses (ITC), and develop their subordinates and new instructors without external input, although EU-BOMNAF intends to provide support, monitoring and evaluation into the future.

Sgt Jawad Akhlaqi from 6th ABP Brigade who was awarded a prize as best student on the course said: ‘Over ten days we learned two methods and techniques that we can apply in Afghanistan in the future.’

The ITC teaches two, very simple structures – one for a theory lesson and one practical. If students are able to learn these structures they should find themselves capable of teaching almost any subject through them. By the end of the ITC, every student was assessed delivering a theoretical and a practical lesson using the methods taught. Usually, only the most capable students from the ITC would be selected to go forwards and complete the T3 course, but due to their energy and enthusiasm, all ten officers who attended this course advanced to the second stage.

In the second week, students learned how an ITC should be run, and used skills and knowledge gained from the first week to deliver their own ITC lessons.

At the closing ceremony, the new students all received certificates for completion of the ITC and the T3 courses. The two best T3 students merited recommendations to return as Instructor Supervisors on future courses, and 5 others will be encouraged to return and practice their skills further to achieve the same standard.

2017 will see EU-BOMNAF run further T3 courses, and it is sincerely hoped that with the opening of the new Training Centre at Mazar-e-Sharif future ITCs will be run by the ABP themselves. In order to achieve this, there must be a core cohort of instructors who know what good looks like, and who are able to pass their skills and experience on to others. This is at the heart of what the T3 programme seeks to achieve.

Sgt Abdulrahman Nikzad, 6th ABP Brigade was awarded a prize for being one of the most-improved students on this course. When asked what he would tell his peers about the EU-BOMNAF T3 course, he said: ‘My advice would be to try to bring something useful to your motherland. You should take the information from BOMNAF instructors… and do your best in order to bring something useful back to benefit future instructors.’

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