EU-BOMNAF to Construct a New Border Crossing Point at Khohon.

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Living in geographic isolation for years, borderlands inhabitants of the Khohon region, on Afghanistan’s northern border with Tajikistan, now get their groceries and supplies, transiting from Kunduz, via Tajikistan’s territory and across the new AKDN-PATRIP bridge at Shurabod.

A new EU-BOMNAF proposed international Border Crossing Point, planned for construction during 2017 at Khohon, will facilitate and improve such cross-border cooperation activities.

The pictures show the project team, together with beneficiaries, Afghan Border Police (ABP), headed by ABP’s Khohon Commissar, Colonel Kholiqdod Mamadloiq, discussing the location for the new facility, due for completion by mid-2018, which will replace the currently used mud-brick huts, which do not provide even basic living and working conditions.