Women’s Border Management Awareness Course

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We are delighted to report the successful delivery of our first Women’s Border Management Awareness Course in Dushanbe, which took place from 15 to 27 October 2015 in cooperation with the OSCE’s Border Management Staff College. Twenty one women from the Afghan Border Police and two from the Afghan Customs Department joined two female members of the Tajik Border Force.

Our experts included Ms Wajiya Ayubi, a serving colonel in the Afghan Border Police, who instructed students in Human Rights within Border Security and Management. We were also very happy to welcome back to Tajikistan Ms Julia Klaus from the Export Control and Related Border Security Programme (EXBS). Julia is a past Director of the Border Management Staff College and delivered a highly interactive day’s training in Leadership and Management. The students also received training from Susie Dreiling, an FBI expert in Interviewing Methods and Self-Defence Techniques. Other trainings included two days of First Aid with Mohinisso Akramova and an afternoon learning about Combating Irregular Migration while Respecting Asylum Rights, provided by Cristina Bunea from the UNHCR.

The experts who delivered this instruction were women too, which encouraged the free exchange of opinions and experiences between students and experts.

The photos show some of the students who attended the course. Their carrier bags and tunics were specially made for them by Afghan women from the Refugees, Children and Vulnerable Citizens (RCVC) Workshop in Dushanbe. EU-BOMNAF is pleased to support this organisation’s excellent work.