First Aid Training

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As part of the first week of BOMNAF’s Afghan Border Police Management Awareness Course, expert Ms. Mohinisso Akramova presented a workshop in First Aid to BOMNAF’s Afghan Border Police beneficiaries on 24 August.

EU-BOMNAFs Training team, organized a two week “Afghan Border Police Border Management Awareness” course that took place between 24 August and 3 September. Twenty one Afghan Border Police (ABP) and two Tajik customs officers have now been trained on Elements of Border Control, Human Rights within border security and management, Gender awareness relating to crossing international borders, First Aid, Community Policing and Disaster Contingency Planning, Precursor Identification and Investigation of Supply Sources, Car Search and use of endoscope to detect contraband concealed in vehicles, during the workshops presented by several experts from the OSCE, IOM, UN Women offices in Tajikistan, Drug Control Agency under the President of RT as well as from abroad invited by EU-BOMNAF. The course was held at the OSCE Border Management Staff College (BMSC) in Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

Photos by: Freya Morales / EU-BOMNAF © All rights reserved