Disaster Management

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On August 28, as part of EU-BOMNAF’s Border Management Awareness Course, Mr. Philip Eliason delivered a workshop on how police and border forces might prepare for and respond to disasters. His interactive presentation encouraged delegates to identify ways that they could develop links with their local community, in order to build mutual trust and cooperation. In this way they would be better able to respond to such events as land slips, earthquakes and floods.

EU-BOMNAF Project’s Training team organized this two week course, attended by 19 Afghan Border Police (ABP) beneficiaries, two members of the Afghan Customs Department and two members of the Tajikistan Border Force. These officers will have a substantial role to play during any natural disaster, not only to assist the community but also because disasters often bring an increase in crime and disorder.

In addition to BOMNAF’s workshop, students received training in Border Controls and Cooperation, Human Rights, Gender Concepts, First Aid, Human Trafficking, Precursor Identification, Developments in Smuggling Techniques and Car Search Techniques, including how to use an endoscope to detect concealed contraband in vehicles. The course was held at the OSCE’s Border Management Staff College (BMSC) in Dushanbe (Tajikistan).