Car Search Training

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During a practical search exercise aimed to teach methods to detect contraband concealed in vehicles, through the use of an endoscope. Mr Jonathan Trumble, Customs Advisor with OSCE in Vienna, was the instructor of this workshop, part of BOMNAF’s joint training effort in Dushanbe.

EU-BOMNAFs Training team, organized the “Afghan Border Police Border Management Awareness” course that took place between 24 August and 3 September. Twenty one Afghan Border Police (ABP) officers and two Tajik customs officers are now trained in useful skills such as First Aid Training, Disaster Management, Car Search and use of endoscope to detect contraband concealed in vehicles, during BOMNAF workshops presented by experts from around the world, invited by EU-BOMNAF. The course was held at the OSCE Border Management Staff College (BMSC) in Dushanbe.

Photos by: Freya Morales / EU-BOMNAF © All rights reserved