ABP meet Tajik colleagues at the Tursunzade Border Crossing Point

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On 29 August 2015, BOMNAF’s Afghan Border Police (ABP) beneficiaries, accompanied by Tajikistan Border Force officers visited a crossing point on the Tajikistan-Uzbekistan border. The objective of the visit was to allow officers from regional border services to meet, exchange ideas and share experiences. After the visit, the ABP were taken on a cultural tour, centred on an ancientc fortress at the Tajik town of Hissar.

EU-BOMNAF Training team, organized the “Afghan Border Police Border Management Awareness” course that took place in Dushanbe from 24 August to 3 September. As a result of this joint training, twenty one Afghan Border Police (ABP) and two Tajik customs officers have now been trained in useful skills, such as First Aid, Disaster Management, Vehicle Search and use of endoscope to detect contraband concealed in vehicles, during a series of workshops, taught by experts from around the world and invited by EU-BOMNAF. The course was held at the OSCE Border Management Staff College (BMSC) in Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

Photos by: Freya Morales / EU-BOMNAF © All rights reserved